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12 November 2018

Professor David Shambaugh was quoted in an article published on Relocate Global titled “Xi Promises to Open Up China to the World.” Read it HERE

22 May 2018

Professor David Shambaugh wrote a piece for East Asia Forum titled “Can America meet the China challenge in Southeast Asia?” Read it HERE

9 April 2018

The George Washington University’s newspaper GW Hatchet published an article titled “Elliott School creates mandatory first-year course on leadership development”, a course professor Robert Sutter helped design.

6 April 2018

Taiwan News published an article titled “U.S. ban on offensive weapons for Taiwan no longer realistic: U.S. expert” after remarks made by US military expert Richard Fisher at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies’ event: Taiwan Conference: How Does Taiwan’s Defense and Security Status Stack Up? Read it HERE

17 March 2018

David Shambaugh wrote a piece for the South China Morning Post titled “China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin are putting strongman politics back on the map” Read it HERE

11 March 2018

Jonathan Chaves published a chapter in the catalog for the Chinese Landscape Photography exhibit at the China Institute in America. See more HERE.

6 November 2017

David Shambaugh wrote a piece for the South China Morning Post entitled “Can Trump strengthen America’s influence in Asia during his visit?” Read it HERE.

6 November 2017

Mike Mochizuki wrote a piece for the Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage entitled “Three reasons why Japan will likely continue to reject nuclear weapons.” Read it HERE.

24 October 2017

David Shambaugh spoke at a panel event at the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Foundation in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the Chinese 19th Party Congress. See a photo from the event HERE, with former Brazilian President Cardoso on the right and Sergio Fausto, executive director of the Foundation, on the left.

24 October 2017

Tashi Rabgey participated in the ICS/National Committee on U.S.-China Relations CHINA Town Hall with Ambassador Susan E. Rice, giving a talk entitled “Missing Territoriality: Tibet and the Governance Paradigm in the People’s Republic of China.” Read more about the event HERE.

12 October 2017

David Shambaugh wrote a piece for the South China Morning Post entitled “Reform or repression: what will the next five years bring for China?” Read it HERE.


28 September 2017

Bruce Dickson co-moderated a panel at the U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue at the George Washington University. The event was sponsored by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, Institute for Public Diplomacy & Global Communication, and the U.S. Department of State. Read more about the event HERE.

13 September 2017

David Shambaugh participated in an Intelligence Squared debate entitled “The U.S. and China Can Forge a Grand Bargain to Contain North Korea” during its event Unresolved: Face-Off with China. Watch the video HERE.


11 September 2017

Gregg Brazinsky was interviewed by the Wilson Center on US-China competition in the developing world. Read the blog post HERE.


25 August 2017

Deepa Ollapally wrote a piece on India’s progress towards great power status in India Abroad. Read the article HERE.

6 July 2017

Deepa Ollapally was quoted extensively on Indian Prime Minister Modi’s first meeting with President Trump in India Abroad. Read the article HERE.


20 June 2017

Edward McCord, professor of history and international affairs and Vice Dean of the Elliott School, wrote an article in The Diplomat titled “One China, Dual Recognition: A Solution to the Taiwan Impasse.” Read the article HERE.

15 June 2017

David Shambaugh, professor of political science and international affairs, wrote an article in The Korea Herald titled “China rethinks its global role in the age of Trump.”Read the article HERE.

24 May 2017

Deepa Ollapally was quoted in an article by United Daily News, one of the leading newspapers in Taiwan, regarding her presentation at a recent Sigur Center conference on Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. The article is in Chinese, and can be read HERE.

23 April 2017

David Shambaugh was quoted in “China in period of transition” in The Star (Malaysia). Read the article HERE.

22 April 2017

Deepa Ollapally authored “US bombing of Afghanistan: Policy shift or just political grandstanding?” in Scroll.In. Read the article HERE.

5 April 2017

Robert Sutter was quoted in “Trump-Xi meeting watched for clues of future relationship” in The Associated Press. Read the article HERE.

2 April 2017

David Shambaugh was interviewed in The Straits Times about the upcoming Trump-Xi summit and US-China relations. Read the article HERE.

31 May 2017

David Shambaugh, professor of political science and international affairs, wrote an article in South China Morning Post on what to expect from President Trump’s first meeting with Xi Jinping. Read the article HERE.


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