The Sigur Center for Asian Studies is pleased to announce an expansion of our Visiting Scholars program to allow for year-round review and processing of applications instead of two application cycles per year, from November 2019 onward. 

Click to download the Sigur Center Visiting Scholars Application Form for year-round application.

If you are interested in being considered for a Visiting Scholar position, please submit a complete application by email, fax, or mail. We will only consider complete applications. A complete application includes:

  • A completed Sigur Center Visiting Scholars Application Form
  • A detailed description of the research project (one page). The research project must be on a topic relating to Asia. See below for previous research projects.
  • A description of what resources in the area you will use
  • A detailed resume or CV
  • Two letters of recommendation

DEADLINES: With the expansion of the program to year-round applications, please consider your application and research timeline in conjunction with the complexity of paperwork that may be required. It is strongly recommended to submit a complete application as early as possible, but at least 4 months before your desired start date. We will try to work with applicants’ deadlines, including those imposed by funding organizations, so please let us know in your application if you have any such requirements.

Proposed research terms are usually 3-12 months long. Please clearly state your desired term in your introductory letter, as described above.

Projects can range in topic as long as they are focused on Asia to a significant degree. The Sigur Center’s areas of special interest include the legacy of colonialism and war in contemporary Asia; regionalism and multilateral institution-building in the Asia Pacific region; and the international consequences of domestic developments; but we welcome projects on other Asia-related topics, especially those related to South and Southeast Asia. 

Previous research projects pursued by scholars include:

  • “Divergent Foreign Policy Choices of the U.S. toward Iraq and North Korea: A Perspective from Northeast Security Dynamics”
  • “The U.S. Role in Taiwan’s Quest for International Participation under Improving Cross-strait Relations”
  • “The History of Conflict and Reconciliation in East Asia”
  • “Beyond Paradise Island in Search of Dream: An Overview of Female Migration, Policy, and the Impact of Intra-familial Relationships”

Applications will be evaluated by the Elliott School of International Affairs and the Sigur Center. If accepted, a bench fee of up to $1,000 per month may apply. Due to the high volume of Visiting Scholar applications and limited office space, accepted Scholars may have to share desk space during their research term.

The Sigur Center does not supply fellowships, scholarships, or funding of any kind to visiting scholars at this time. Please keep in mind that you will have to secure funding from an organization, government, or provide personal funds before a visa can be issued.

We welcome applications from candidates all over the world. Once the Sigur Center has agreed to host a scholar, and the scholar has accepted the invitation, it is expected that the scholar will withdraw any other applications to potential host institutions.

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