Faculty – Science and Technology

Martin Adelman (J.D., University of Michigan)

Theodore and James Pedas Family Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Co-Director, India Project

Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program

Co-Director of the Dean Dinwoodey Center for Intellectual Property Studies

Research Interests: Patent law, India

George Washington University Law School
700 20th St. NW
Tel: 202-994-7703
Fax: 202-994-3377
E-mail: madelman@law.gwu.edu

R. Richard Grinker (Ph.D., Harvard University)

Professor of Anthropology, International Affairs, and Human Sciences

Research Interests: Contemporary Korea, sociocultural anthropology, nationalism and ethnicity

Monroe Hall 202, 2112 G Street, NW
Tel: 202-994-6984
Fax: 202-994-6075
E-mail: rgrink@gwu.edu

Alfred J. Hiltebeitel (Ph.D., University of Chicago, Divinity School)

Professor of Religion & Human Sciences

Faculty director for the South India Term Abroad (SITA) program

Research Interests: The great epics of India, regional folk epics, South Asian history and the history of religions

2106 G Street, NW
Tel: 202-994-1674
E-mail: beitel@gwu.edu

Shivraj Kanungo (Ph.D., The George Washington University)

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences

Research Interests: Outsourcing and software development, India

Funger Hall 415E
Tel: 202-994-3734
E-mail: kanungo@gwu.edu

Joel Kuipers (Ph.D., Yale University)

Professor of Anthropology, International Affairs, and Human Sciences

Research Interests: Cultures of Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian development

Building X, Room 201
2012 G Street, NW
Tel: 202-994-6545
Fax: 202-994-6097
E-mail: kuipers@gwu.edu

Young Hoon Kwak (Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley)

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences

Research Interests: Korea, strategic issues in project management; project control; process improvement; engineering, construction, and infrastructure management

Funger Hall 411
2201 G Street, NW
Tel: 202-994-7115
E-mail: kwak@gwu.edu

Henry R. Nau (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, SAIS)

Professor of Political Science & International Affairs

Co-Director, U.S.-Japan-South Korea Legislative Exchange Program

Research Interests: U.S. foreign economic policy, international political economy, science, technology, and international affairs

Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street, NW, Suite 501
Tel: 202-994-3167
Fax: 202-994-5477
E-mail: nau@gwu.edu

Phyllis Ni Zhang (Ed.D., Columbia University)

Associate Professor of Chinese & International Affairs

Research Interests: Second language acquisition; Chinese proficiency assessment; Chinese language pedagogy and technology

Rome Hall 463
801 22nd Street, NW
Tel: 202-994-5051
Fax: 202-994-1512
E-mail: zhang@gwu.edu

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