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This page contains links to sites not maintained by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies or the Asian Studies Program. The Center has no control over the information posted on these sites, nor does The Center endorse or support any product, view, or opinion that may appear therein.

Resources for Students

College Scholarships for Asian and Pacific Islander Students — https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/scholarships-for-asian-and-pacific-islander-students/

Faculty-sponsored Resources

1947Partition.org: a website created by Prof. Kavita Daiya

Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific: A program by Profs Mike Mochizuki and Daqing Yang

Visualizing Japanese Grammar: a website created by Prof. Shoko Hamano

Blogs by Sigur Center Faculty

Donald C. Clarke: Chinese Law Prof Blog

I. Leopold Hanami: Intertextual Riceball

Barbara Miller: Anthropologyworks

Sean Roberts: The Roberts’ Reports on Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Blogs by Departments, Programs, or Organizations

Sigur Center Asian Studies Blog: Asia on E Street

Rising Powers Initiative: Official RPI Blog

PISA: PISA Website

Japanese Language Program: Nihongo News

Chinese Language Program: GW Zhongwen News

GWiKS: GWiKS Website

News and Reference

Regional News

China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan News

Japan News

Korea News

Southeast Asia News

South Asia News

General References



Virtual Libraries and Other Asia-Related Lists

We have tried to put together a good sampling of available Asian resources on the Internet. Our list cannot claim to be exhaustive, nor do we want to try to list everything available. The following links are quite good in attempting to list extant Internet resources about Asia and particular Asian countries:


Blogs and Other Resources

DC Asia Related Events


Asian/Asian-American Organizations

Asian Studies Organizations

Embassies & Representative Offices in the U.S.

Friendship Associations

Human Rights Organizations

International Organizations

Museums and Cultural Organizations

Organizations Offering Employment in Asia

Research and Policy Advocacy Organizations

U.S. Government Agencies & Representative Offices In Asia

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